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Understand Diabetes

Whats special about Dr. Mohan,s Diabetes Specialities Centre

What is an AGP

What is Neonatal diabetes

Is there a cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Why is Total Diabetic Care important

What are Doppler and Biothesiometry Tests

I am Diabetic Will My Kids Get Diabetes Too

Why is a Review Check Up Important

What is OGTT

What Tests are needed for Type 1 Diabetes

What is a MICRAL Test

What kind of Exercise should Diabetes patients do

What fruits can a Diabetes patient eat

What specific precautions can one take to prevent Foot Complications

What should be my Sugar Level targets

What is HbA1c

Why are we worried about Diabetic Foot Complications

Is an Eye check up important

Are people with Diabetes allowed to fast

Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes group awarded as Excellence in Quality of the year 2020 by Tancare and FCCI. Dr. V. Mohan was awarded as Lifetime Achievement Award  of the year  2020 by the Indian Academy of Diabetes. Dr. R.M. Anjana was awarded as Young Innovators of the year 2020 by World India Diabetes Foundation. Dr. R.M. …

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Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus We all have heard of diabetes occurring in children. The usual type of diabetes which occurs in children and adolescence is, what is called as ‘Type 1 diabetes’, previously called as ‘Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus’ or ‘IDDM’. Children with type 1 diabetes have an acute onset of the condition and rapidly become …

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When citing the dangers of Type 2 diabetes, doctors usually focus on life-threatening…

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Smoking can accelerate the onset of diabetes related complications…

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Diabetes increase mortality in people with cancer…

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A diabetes person’s diet need not be a complete deviation from the normal diet.

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