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Understanding Diabetic Kidney Care

More than 40% of kidney disease in our country occurs due to diabetes. If detected at an early stage, this complication can be reversed!

Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre has facilities to estimate the early and late markers of kidney disease and detect diabetic nephropathy. Testing for ‘microalbuminuria’ every 3-6 months ensures that one’s kidneys are in order and have not been affected by diabetes. There are many other specialised kidney tests to further evaluate the status of the kidneys.

Patients can avail a nephrologist’s consultation with prior appointment.

Dialysis unit

Dialysis is a procedure to substitute the normal functions of the kidney of patients with renal failure. Dialysis helps individuals to live productive and useful lives, even though their kidneys are not functioning normally.

A dialysis unit is available to take care of patients who require the procedure. Our dialysis unit is best-equipped with facilities to manage patients with diabetes on regular hemodialysis. Dialysis unit ensures quality care from a highly trained clinical team of nephrologists, diabetologists, nutritionist and dialysis technicians.

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