Stress Management

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The Department of Stress Management has been instituted to investigate the psychosocial aspects of diabetes, which may influence the prescribed regimen of self care, and to conduct interventions for better self-management of diabetes, its complications and related disorders.

The three most important problems of diabetic patients are stress, anxiety and depression. Generally, we undertake a psychological evaluation of the above-mentioned problems, for appropriate interventions. Remedial measures for behavioral change include patient- education, skills-development, and motivation, through counseling, as well as, relaxation techniques, viz., deep-breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.

In short, the Department of Stress Management seeks to achieve their goals through a combination of behavior therapy and stress management strategies; their main aims include:
•Enhancing self-esteem and self-sufficiency
•Improving coping skills
•Promoting a structured lifestyle, and
•Identifying diabetes-related issues and their management.