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Victory over Diabetes

The Medalist Program at Dr. Mohan’s recognizes and studies people who have been living with diabetes for 60+years.

Dr V Mohan Award

Dr V Mohan Victory over Diabetes Medal

This prestigious medal will be awarded to the long-standing people with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) who defeated diabetes for over 60 years. This year (2021), 6 people who lived with T1D for over 60 years were given the Medal are receiving this award

Hero Award Dr V Mohans Diabetes

DMDSC Type 1 Diabetes Ambassador Award

An Award to recognize the enterprising people who have devoted their time, energy and resources to support and help children & adults with Type 1 diabetes through their support groups

Hero Award Dr V Mohans Diabetes

DMDSC Type 1 Diabetes Hero Award

An award to recognize the indomitable spirit of an individual with Type 1 diabetes who is winning against all odds and showed endemic of extraordinary courage.

Honoring Heroes

The DMDSC Medalist Program began in 2021, when the Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Centre began giving medals to persons who have lived with diabetes for 50 years. The programme was the concept of our founder, Dr. V Mohan, who believed that adequate self-management was the key to preventing long-term consequences. It acted as an incentive for people devoted to good, albeit difficult, diabetic treatment.

This year 2021, we have introduced some new award Dr. V.Mohan Victory over Diabetes Medal, this prestigious medal will be presented to those with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) who have been free of the disease for more than 50 years. This award will be given to 6 people this year (2021) who have completed 60 years with T1D.

DMDSC Type 1 Diabetes Ambassador Award, an award to recognise the enterprising individuals who have dedicated their time, energy, and resources to supporting and assisting children and adults with Type 1 diabetes through their support groups.

DMDSC Type 1 Diabetes Hero Award, an award to commemorate the unbreakable spirit of a person with Type 1 diabetes who is succeeding against all difficulties.

Victory over Diabetes Awards

Dr. V Mohan, founded the Victory over Diabetes Awards in 2020. The Victory over Diabetes Awards was started to see if there are any preventive variables that can help persons with diabetes avoid developing serious problems such retinopathy, nephropathy, and cardiovascular disease.

Previous anecdotal accounts have revealed that in rare individuals who have had type 1 diabetes for more than 50 years, ocular or renal issues may not arise even when hyperglycemia is present.

This is a very intriguing idea because the discovery of these protective variables has the potential to benefit millions of people with diabetes by preventing or delaying the onset of catastrophic eye and renal issues. The Victory over Diabetes Awards are given after reaching out to persons with type 1 diabetes who are still living in India through their diabetologists and through social media. Each Awardee’s medical history and records were scrutinized to ensure that the individual has been insulin dependent for at least 50 years.

This included:

A medical history questionnaire and a clinical evaluation whenever possible.

Laboratory tests, where available were also collected.

How to apply for the Dr. V. Mohan  Victory over Diabetes Award?

Have you or a loved one had insulin-dependent diabetes for  50 or more years? If this is the case, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialty Centre would like to consider your application / nomination for the award.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this programme. You do not need to be a patient of Dr. Mohan’s Centre to take part.  Some sort of proof is required to validate the claim. It’s a good idea to provide evidence of when you were diagnosed and when you started taking insulin.

If you would like more information about Dr. V Mohan Victory over Diabetes Awards, please call +9144 43968888 or email contact@drmohans.com.

If you click this link below you will get an application which you can fill up online.

Victory over diabetes awards online application

winners 2021


Award Winner


Mrs Mina Fernandes is a 72 year old lady from Mumbai. She was first diagnosed with diabetes in the year 1960 at the age of 10 years and thus has had diabetes for over 62 years now. She was taken to the family physician by her grandmother who was a nurse and later to Dr Tibrewala, who started her on insulin. Initially, it was tough, but the constant moral support from the family helped her to accept her condition. However, it was after she was treated by Dr. V.S. Ajgoankar that her life completely changed for the better.  Control of Mrs. Fernandes diabetes can be attributed to a healthy lifestyle-balanced diet and physical activity, timely insulin injections and regular self-monitoring of blood glucose levels.

Mrs. Fernandes is also an active member of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF) Mumbai and is a role model for children with type 1 diabetes. She is living happily with her husband, son and grand children and has no diabetes related complications.

Mr.K.Krishnaswami, Chennai

Mr. K. Krishnaswami, Chennai

Mr. Krishnaswami is 86 years old man from Chennai who worked in British Council, was a trainee in Reserve bank of India and was a director in MIOT on late 90s. Mr. Krishnaswami has had diabetes for 70 years. He was diagnosed as having type 1 diabetes at the age of 16 years in the year 1951. He was put on insulin injections right from the onset of diabetes.

Mr Krishnaswamy and his wife has spent a good bit of their working lives with the British council. In 1995, they were honoured by her majesty Queen Elizabeth for their immense dedication and work in promoting cultural relation between Britain and India with a title of MBE (Member of the most excellent order of the British empire). They were the first Couple to receive this award in India and had a special mention by High commissioner for Britain in India. 

 In spite of developing a mild IHD, with his strong determination, he has encouraged himself to stay fit through strict diet control, regular monitoring of sugars. He is doing great even with 70 years of diabetes. Now, here he is among us, celebrating his victory over diabetes.

Mr. SRV Prasanna, Coimbatore

Mr. S. R. V. Prasanna, Coimbatore

Mr. Prasanna is a 64 year old professional photographer from Coimbatore. Earlier he was a medical representative. Mr. Prasanna was diagnosed as having type 1 diabetes at the age of 3 years in the year 1959.He has now had diabetes for 61 years and has been treated by Dr. V. Mohan for over 40 years

Earlier he was under the care of Dr. M. Viswanathan and later Dr. Munirathnam Chetty in Coimbatore. He was put on insulin injections right from the onset of diabetes. Apart from his medications to control his blood pressure and a gall bladder surgery, he is a “wonder man” with no other diabetes related complications till date. He is also a man with an extremely positive attitude to life. He is blessed with a daughter and 2 grandchildren.

Ms. Usha Dhiman, Delhi

Ms. Usha Dhiman, Delhi

Ms. Usha Dhiman is a 68 year oldlady who retired from the U S embassy, and stays at Delhi. Ms Usha Dhiman wasdiagnosed with type 1diabetes at the age of 7 years in the year 1960 while she was living in a small town in Kenya where she was put on Bovine and later on Porcine insulin. She has now had diabetes for61 years. In 1966, she moved to Mumbai at the age of 12 years where she had to face huge hurdles of severe hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia. Thus, she had to go through multiple hospitalisations which led to depression. In the year 1974 she moved to Delhi   where she was treated for her brittle diabetes by Prof. M.M.S. Ahuja and later by Dr. S.S. Srikanta. Through their proper guidance and diabetes education, she overcame her depression and gained self-confidence.

She is a single woman, who has dedicated her life to building her career, making her financially independent to meet all her expenses. She has no diabetes related complications.

Mr. Rajiv Kaicker, Delhi


Mr. Rajiv Kaicker is a 64 year oldretired chartered accountant from Delhi.  Mr. Rajiv Kaicker has had diabetes for 60years. He was diagnosed as having type 1 diabetes at the age of 4 years in the year 1961. In the early years he used to do only urine sugar test using Benedict solution.  He was initially started ononce daily insulin and later, for some time was on twice daily insulin and now on three insulin injectionsa day.  He was treated by Prof MMS Ahuja and later by Dr Latha at Sitaram Bhartia hospital.

As an individual living with type 1 diabetes, he has been on insulin regularly and has always kept his HbA1c between 6 & 7%.  Except for mild diabetic retinopathy which was detected in the year 1988, he has no other diabetes related complications. Now he has set up his own consultation for the past 9 years and lives a happy life with his wife, son, daughter and their grandson.

Mr. Hirachand Sawane, Nagpur


Mr. Rakesh is69 years old and from Gurgaon.Mr. Rakesh was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 8 years in the year 1960. He has now haddiabetes for 61 years. He was initially treated with only plain insulin and later with pre mixed insulin for the last 7 years he has been on multiple daily doses of insulin. Though, he has witnessed diabetes in its most dreadful form, his determination has helped him to stay fit through physical activity, strict diet control, regular monitoring of sugars and most importantly, his mental strength.

Despite developing a few complications, he is doing very well even after 60 years of diabetes

Despite developing a few complications, he is doing very well even after 60 years of diabetes


Type-1 Hero Award

Mr. Lakshmi Narayana is 26 year old and stays at Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh.Mr. Lakshmi Narayana was born blind, in spite of which he went about his life like a normal child and adolescent. At the age of 17 years, he got the next shock of his life when he was diagnosed to have type 1 diabetes. However, he took this also in his stride.

He checks his blood sugars using a voice activated glucosemeter several times a day and thus keeps his blood sugar under good control throughout the day with very few hypo or hyperglycemic events. His HbA1c is usually below 6.5%. Lakshmi Narayana plays an important role in mentoring children with type 1 diabetes. He is quite a hero in the type 1 diabetes circles and also in the Foundation for type 1 diabetescalled “Sweet Souls” to which he is very much attached and plays an active role. He regularly visits children with type 1 diabetes to encourage them. He is thus truly a Type 1 diabetes Hero.

Type 1 Diabetes Ambassador Award

Association for Children with Type 1 Diabetes(ACT1D)
Association of Diabetes (Young) in Tricity (ADITI)
Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation
Club One KEM
Diabetes Awareness and You (DAY)
Diabetes Awareness Foundation
Diabetes Fighters’ Trust
Diabetic Child Society
Diabuddies of Himachal T1s
Diabesties Foundation
Diabuddies of Karnataka
Diabetes India Youth in Action (DIYA)
Diabetes Research Society
Dream Trust
Friends Forever
Idhayangal Charitable trust
Indians with T1D Kids
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation -Bhavnagar
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation -Jamnagar

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF) Mumbai
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation -Rajkot
Juvenile Diabetic and Parent Association of India
Juvenile Diabetic’s Parents Foundation
Ludhiana Type 1 Diabuddies
Society for Prevention and Awareness of Diabetes(SPAD)
Sweet Souls
Tamil Nadu Type1 Diabetes Foundation
Type 1 Nawabeen
Type 1 Diabetes Foundation of India
Type 1 Diabetes Foundation Kerala
Type 1 Diabetic Welfare Society (T1DWS)
TypeOne Thriving
Uttarakhand Diabetes Awareness Initiative (UDAI)
Yog Dhyan Foundation



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