Hi! Welcome to Sweet Hack

Sweet Hack is a game where a user learns about Diabetes, while he plays.

The Game is designed in a manner where each aspect of the game educates the player with different aspects – from diet, to exercise to lifestyle changes to medical information etc.

The game has various levels and each level showcases healthy and unhealthy lifestyle habits via relevant content, tips and videos. This app helps clear myths and misconceptions that people believe in.

So take this journey with Sweet Hack now and see your health change for the better!!

Here are a few tips to help you play the game with some ease and esp. to pass through some tough levels. This we hope will aid you to play and enjoy the game more smoothly.

Read on…

1) The main objective screen of the game has few powers listed below the objective. Before playing any level, if you want to use power-ups in the game, you need to select it in the main objective screen itself. Or else, you can’t use the additional power-ups in the game later.

2) You can use these powers to complete the levels where the number of moves are limited.

3) Select the power you want to use before playing a level and then buy the power using the coins you have already earned by playing the previous levels.

4) If you fail a level, you can buy the powers listed at the right hand side corner of the gaming screen. As mentioned above these powers can also be bought while playing the game.

5) Now here is like a cheat code for you to fill your kitty with coins, especially if you run out of them, just go back and play any of the easy previous levels to earn more coins and build this kitty. This will help you when you are stuck at any level to buy power ups which will also give you more chances to pass that level.

6) On the left side of the main screen there is a wheel icon. Spin the wheel to win coins and powers.

7) Remember you can buy more than one power at the same time.