MDRF and DEAKIN University, Australia to collaborate in Diabetes Research & Education


MDRF and DEAKIN University, Australia to collaborate in Diabetes Research & Education

Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF), Chennai (India) and Deakin University (Australia), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 3rd December 2013 at Melbourne with the aim of promoting Diabetes Research & Education in the Asia-Pacific region. The MOU was signed by Dr.V.Mohan, President, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and Professor. Lee Astheimer, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research), Deakin University. This MoU is expected to facilitate several research outcomes and deliverables which include: a) joint research programmes involving faculty from MDRF and DEAKIN, b) PhD scholarships for Indian students leading to PhD degrees from DEAKIN, c) multidisciplinary diabetes research through appropriate funding generation, and d) organization of joint symposia/workshops.

“This MoU is the coming together of two organizations of repute with multidisciplinary skills towards a common and global research goal” and “We signed this MoU exactly at the time when the 6th Edition of Diabetes Atlas by the International Diabetes Federation was released in Melbourne indicating that the number of people with diabetes in India had reached an alarming figure of 65.1 million” said Dr.V.Mohan. ‘The situation is equally alarming in Australia and the national prevalence of diabetes in both the countries (Australia and India) is almost the same, about 10%’, he added. “Today, there is a great impact of Technology-Based Diabetes Management Tools on Clinical Outcomes and there are many areas for collaboration and I am sure that the MDRF-DEAKIN MoU would facilitate this” said Dr.Mohan.

“The commitment to diabetes research and education in India and Australia is phenomenal and this could be easily visualized by the contemporary national-level programmes such as ‘AusDiab’ in Australia and “INDIAB’ in India”, said Dr.R.M.Anjana, Vice-President, MDRF. ‘With both MDRF and DEAKIN having committed to run complementary programs on basic and translational research, physical activity, nutrition, behavioral and psychosocial aspects of diabetes, we have a win-win situation to achieve our goals and milestones’, she added.

“Diabetes research today is not just a conventional drug discovery approach. Collaborating with technology-based institutions like DEAKIN, we can jointly contribute much to diabetes research by programs of biomedical technology, engineering and psychosocial aspects”, said Dr.M.Balasubramanyam, Dean of Research Studies, MDRF. ‘Deakin’s PhD scholarhsips program will allow students to complete their whole PhD programme at MDRF, India with tailor-made, short-term training visits to Deakin. The MoU between MDRF and DEAKIN is exactly in this right direction’, he added. Professor David Mellor, Associate Dean (International) for the Faculty of Health at Deakin is delighted by the developing partnership between MDRF and Deakin and said “MDRF is a well-known and prestigious diabetes research institute, and our emerging partnership provides opportunities for Deakin and MDRF researchers to collaborate in research and research training in India and Australia”.