Glycemic Index Testing Centre

Glycemic Index Testing Centre for Foods in India


‘Glycemic Index (GI) measures the speed at which the foods get digested and converted to blood glucose. The index sets glucose at 100 and scores all foods against that number’.
Scientific definition

The glycemic index is defined as area under the glucose response curve after consumption of 50g available carbohydrate from a test food divided by the area under the curve after consumption of 50g of carbohydrate from a reference food. The reference foods can be either glucose or white bread (Wolver et al.,1991)

Classification of GI foods

Be right to choose right (√) carbohydrates in your products



Why do we need GI testing of food?
Scientific literature clearly shows that.

  • GI describes the quality of carbohydrates and its impact on blood glucose.
  • In India bulk of calories (60-70%) consumed come from carbohydrate containing foods.
  • Not many Indian single foods and mixed meals have been tested for GI in a scientific manner using an internationally approved scientific protocol.

How is it tested at our centre?

  • The GI reflects the type and / or quality of carbohydrates in particular foods and how a specific portion of this food raises blood glucose levels.
  • The GI testing protocol used at MDRF was adopted from FAO/WHO (1998) and validated by investigators at Oxford Brookes University, UK.
  • Foods are tested either in healthy volunteers or in diabetic subjects

What products ‘r’ tested for GI?

“Glycemic index can be tested only for foods that contain Carbohydrates

  • Cereals, Millets, pulses
  • Fruits, vegetables, nuts, Milk and Milk products
  • Beverages like soft drinks, milk drinks, fruit juices
  • Bakery products, sweets, confectioneries
  • Instant food mixes and ready to eat meals / foods

Contact details
For further information about GI testing at the department of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics research, MDRF

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Research Clinical Nutritionist
Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics Research

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