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“DIRECT” is a charitable trust which helps the poor and the needy patients with diabetes who cannot afford to pay for their out-patient treatment, in-patient admission, surgeries they may have to undergo or for emergencies which can arise at any moment. We identify such individuals and ensure that treatment is made available to the right person irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

  • To sponsor total free or heavily subsidized treatment to poor and needy patients with diabetes.
  • To support educational activities on diabetes both for the health-care personnel and for the lay public.
  • To organize large-scale free screening for diabetes in the country.

DIRECT offers free out-patient and In patient treatment using an interdisciplinary team approach, essential for managing diabetes and meeting the educational and psycho-social needs of patients. Far and beyond a simple diagnose-and-treat strategy, DIRECT adopts Dr.Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities centre’s(DMDSC) planned schedule for follow-up care that helps prevent diabetes complications. DIRECT pays for out-patient and in-patient treatment of diabetes providing lifelong medicines for poor and needy patients with diabetes.

Free treatment for the poor and the needy individuals with diabetes is offered at the following clinics under the DIRECT

  • M. Viswanathan Free Diabetes Clinic at Dr.Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Centre, Gopalapuram, Chennai &Chunampet a village near Kanchipuram District
  • Free diabetes at Ambattur and Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai.
  • Free eye consultation clinic at Ambattur, Chennai

Sai mobile camps- diabetes care on wheels covering the outskirts of Chennai

The patients enrolment into these free treatment is done with a thorough verification of their financial status. Both type 1(Juvenile diabetes) and type 2(adult & elderly onset) diabetic patient get lifelong free treatment for tests, consultation and supply of free medicines are benefited from this support.

The free clinic at Ambattur, located at west of Chennai is conducted every month on second and fourth Sundays. Thousands of patients regularly visits and receive free blood glucose testing, consultation and medicines. A team of Diabetologist, Eye consultant, Dietitian, Fitness trainer. Optometrist and technician provide the services. Blood glucose test (every visit) and eye testing (at periodic interval) is done for the all patients registered for the day.They receive an individualized treatment advice from diabetologist and eye doctor. As diabetes is being a life style disorder, diet, exercise and patient knowledge play a vital role to keep the blood glucose within a normal range. Therefore in addition to issue of free medicines diet advice, diabetes education and exercise classes were offered to those patients visiting the clinic.

The same kind of service (except eye consultation) is offered to poor diabetic patients in one more location at Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai. Every month on fourth Sunday free diabetes clinic is conducted. They receive free blood glucose testing, consultation and supply of medicines

Free eye testing and consultation is done for the all patients registered at the clinic on monthly second and fourth Sundays .If patients require cataract surgery, eye screening such as Fundus Fluorescien Angiography, Retinal photography, OCT and laser treatment it is done at free of cost at Gopalpuram centre

Mobile camps is a unique rural outreach health service done along with Sri Sathya Sai Organisation. It provides holistic health services completely free of charge to patients in the outskirts of Chennai. The diabetes care service in these mobile camps done under DIRECT on monthly 5 days with a team of Doctors, Dietitians and Diabetes educators. Diabetes screening, consultation and supply of free medicine are offered to the patients visiting the Mobile camps. If these patients require any further treatment or hospitalisation are referred to the Prof. M. Viswanathan Free Diabetes Clinic at Dr.Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Centre, Gopalapuram, Chennai for free treatment

We thank our following sponsors for their generous support and all our patients and well wishers who have supported us


  • SERDIA Pharmaceuticals (India) Private Limited
  • Hinduja Foundation

Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Centre (DMDSC) has adopted 25 villages in and around Kanchipuram district for providing complete diabetes care. DMDSC will extent its services to these 25 villages of Kanchipuram district and offer them affordable diabetes care. Basic medical assistance is still a faraway dream for many remote areas of the country and keeping this mind, we have taken the effort to provide diabetes care at every doorstep”.
Apart from distributing blood glucose meters and strips to 25 children with Type 1 diabetes, over 100 diabetes patients from various parts of the city were made as diabetes ambassadors who will spread the awareness on diabetes to the society.

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