Corporate Social Responsibility

Juvenile Scheme:

Juvenile Diabetes Sponsorship Scheme

Poor and needy juvenile diabetic patients are sponsored by DIRECT by providing free treatment and life long supply of free insulin and syringes. Over 100 such juvenile diabetic patients are currently treated at the centre. Philanthropists and well wishers of the centre support this scheme.

Community Service:

Chennai Urban Population Study – Free Diabetic Service at Door Steps:

A unique project called as Chennai Urban Population Study (CUPS) was launched in the year 1996. Under this project two residential colonies representing the poor (low income group) and lower middle class respectively were adopted by Dr. Mohan’s DSC and MDRF. Over 1400 individuals belonging to these 2 colonies (aged over 20 years) were then screened by a team led by Prof. V. Mohan and Dr. Rema Mohan. Checkups including GTT, lipid profile, BP checkup, ECG and other tests were carried out ON ALL RESIDENTS OF THE COLONIES FREE OF COST. The project which cost over Rs.10 Lakhs helped to identify several new diabetic patients in these colonies. All diabetic patients were then offered life long free treatment at Dr. Mohan’s DSC.

Tele-Diabetic Retinoapthy Project And Free Community Screening For Retinopathy:

Dr. Rema Mohan, Managing Director & Chief Ophthalmologist initiated this project in collaboration with Dr.David R.Owens from the University of Wales at Cardiff, UK. The main objective of this project is to carry out free community screening for diabetic retinopathy in Chennai. Screening of retinopathy will be done by retinal colour photographs, which will be studied in detail and graded by Dr. Rema Mohan.

Free Out-Reach Clinic:

Free Out-Reach Diabetic Clinics(in collaboration with Satya Sai Seva organisation)

On every 4th Sunday along with the Sathya Sai Seva Organization (Sai Krupas) – Tamil Nadu Branch, DIRECT runs two free diabetic clinics services at R.A..Puram and Thirumangalam in Chennai. About 1000 diabetic patients receive life long free consultations, checkups, blood test and free supply of medicines on a life long basis at these two free diabetic clinics. The total cost of this support is about Rs.6 lakhs/year.

Free Eye Clinics

Second and fourth Sunday of every month free eye service camp is conducted at Tirumangalam. All eye diseases are screened and if there is any cataract or diabetic retinopathy, then they are referred to the centre and free treatment is provided (laser therapy depending on the severity of retinopathy and cataract surgery with IOL implantation).

Free Diabetic Clinic:

Prof. M.Viswanathan Free Diabetic Clinic

An exclusive free diabetic clinic named after Prof. M.Viswanathan, father of Prof.V. Mohan works 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday) from 7.AM to 4 PM. About 20% of out patients and 10% of in-patients treated at the Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre(Dr. Mohan’s DSC) receive either free or subsided diabetes treatment. Currently over 5000 patients receive free treatment at Dr. Mohan’s DSC. Last year, the centre forfeited a total of Rs. 45 lakhs towards charity.

Free Camps:

Free Diabetes Detection Camps

Every alternate month, DIRECT conducts free diabetes detection camps at various parts of Chennai and surrounding areas. About 800-1000 people mainly auto-rickshaw drivers are tested every month free of cost for diabetes at each camp. Those who are detected to be diabetic are then brought to the Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre for life long free treatment of diabetes. Seven such camps have also been completed. It is proposed to screen 30,000 people in the next few years under this scheme.