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All branches of Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre (Dr. Mohan’s DSC) ¬†works six days a week i.e. MONDAY TO SATURDAY. Patients are normally requested to come to the centre around 7.00 to 7.30 A.M. on empty stomach .You are required to be in total fasting .i.e. without taking tea, coffee or milk.The patient is first registered and immediately the dietitians would take the history of the patient. He/she is then seen by the consultant who would recommend certain tests depending on the patient’s condition. This would include blood tests and battery of tests to exclude various complications of diabetes affecting the Eye, Kidney, Heart and Feet.

There is also an excellent canteen which serves hygienic food to the patients and to the attendants.The patient would probably have to spend about half-a-day at the centre. Mean while, all tests would be carried out and the reports made available. The patients can then meet the consultant along with the reports for their final consultation and advice. We also have an in-patient division with 75 beds for those who require to be admitted into the hospital.We have an excellent patient education programme with audio-visual programmes.

In short Dr. Mohan’s DSC offers World Class Diabetes Care at affordable prices.The charges for Total Diabetes Checkup would be about 6500 Indian Rupees (~ 100 US Dollars), which includes detailed check up for diabetes, eyes, kidneys, heart, feet, consultation, education programme, dietary advice etc. Other special tests Eg.,Treadmill, Echo, Ultrasound, Carodid Doppler etc would be done based on patient’s need.For those who cannot afford these charges the tests can be suitably modified.