About Us

It is happening so quickly…… It seems just a few years ago that we dreamt of setting up a centre of excellence for diabetes care and research in the heart of Chennai. On 1st September 1991, it all began on one floor of a rented building at Royapettah High Road, when Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre (Dr. Mohan’s DSC or M.V. Diabetes Specialities Centre as it was then known) was born. Within a span of 25 years, Dr. Mohan’s DSC has blossomed into an international centre of excellence in diabetes. Over 4,00,000 patients registered at the centre bear testimony to the success story of one of the best diabetes hospital in India that is Dr. Mohan’s DSC. In 2017, it launched the Let’s Defeat Diabetes initiative to help fight diabetes in India.

Dr. Mohan’s DSC ¬†was conceived by Dr. V. Mohan, internationally acclaimed diabetologist and his wife Dr. M. Rema, internationally known specialist in diabetic eye diseases. Dr. V. Mohan started working in the field of diabetology right from his undergraduate days. He earlier assisted his father Late. Prof. M. Viswanathan, considered as one of the doyens in the field of diabetology in India and helped in setting up the M.V. Hospital for Diabetes at Royapuram, Chennai. Later, in order to serve the growing numbers of people with diabetes, Dr. V. Mohan and Dr. M. Rema set up the M.V. Diabetes Specialities Centre which later came to be known as Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre.