Curious to know the calories in what you eat? Here is a palatable guide

Whether you fret constantly about counting how many calories you consume or how many you are supposed to, but do not, here is some news : The Indian Food Atlas is here to help you do just that.


It has described at least 200 commonly- eaten Indian foods, drawn from across the subcontinent. So what does a food atlas do? It provides you an estimation of how much one eats, and how many calories are packed into every portion.


Why an atlas now? From chronic under- nutrition, India has moved to a stage where about 30- 40 per cent of the population are estimated to be suffering from over- nutrition, says V. Mohan, chairman, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Centre ( DMDSC). Apparently, Indians in urban areas consume too many calories, too much fat, sugar, salt and very little fibre and other protective nutrients, owing to the shift towards refined and processed foods. This, combined with a life without much activity, has fuelled the noncommunicable diseases epidemic in the country. Read More.

The Hindu,Wednesday June 05